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Sterilization Equipment Cases for Hospitals

If you work in a medical establishment, you understand the importance of having sturdy and efficient container systems for your surgical instruments.

With aluminum metal cases from Jewel Precision, you can ensure that your medical tools are organized and safeguarded against even the harshest conditions. We’ve spent over 35 years perfecting our case-making process, using highly durable materials and advanced designs to produce the most reliable products on the market.

Why Choose Us for Hospital Sterilization Cases?

As an industry leader in sterilization tray manufacturing since 1984, we have an edge in developing reliable container systems that set the standard for strength and efficiency. We understand the importance of medical tool storage, which is why we’ve spent decades designing aluminum medical cases that provide a simple solution for instrument organization and protection.

When you choose Jewel Precision for hospital sterilization equipment cases, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our dependable designs.


Innovative Features

We crafted our products to secure any type of surgical equipment, from screws to implants to plates. Our material and design choices have enabled us to create container systems that protect valuable medical instruments from the dangers of shipping and handling, including accidental drops.

Our team knows that proper sanitation is a vital component of surgical tool maintenance, but one that can be hard on your containers. That’s why we also designed our cases to withstand the harsh impact of sterilization without the risk of deterioration. These low-profile case systems are autoclave-compatible, allowing for maximum steam ventilation and fast cycle times.

Case made with high quality materialsDurable Materials

At Jewel Precision, we design every sterilization case using an innovative combination of durable mediums and finishes. Our container systems comprise medical-grade raw materials manufactured to the highest standards, along with many sleek and protective finishing options like anodized aluminum and nylon coatings.

Our exclusive nylon coating is an excellent alternative to plastic and stainless steel. This resilient polymer coating takes on a similar appearance to plastic when poured over aluminum — without the challenges of fragility and water absorption. Through extensive testing, we proved that our nylon coating could endure seven years of continuous use in a 270-degree autoclave without showing signs of corrosion.

Case with custom logo and graphicsCustomization Options

At Jewel Precision, we offer customizable solutions designed to meet our customers’ individualized needs. When you inquire about our custom sterilization cases, we’ll work with your product development team to create unique container systems based on your specifications to garner the best results for your facility.

You can also customize your autoclave cases by taking advantage of our silk-screening and laser engraving capabilities. We can create visibility for your brand by inscribing your hospital’s logos on any case or tray.

Customer Benefits

In addition to our advanced products, we also offer many personal benefits to give our customers the best possible experience with us. Some of our many exclusive advantages include:

  • Efficient turnaround.
  • Competitive pricing and lead times.
  • Low development fees.
  • Excellent customer service.

Applications for Hospital Equipment Steam Sterilizer Cases

Jewel Precision manufactures high-quality sterilization equipment cases for any medical facility. Some of the many industries and organizations we serve include:

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For high-quality container systems you can trust, choose Jewel Precision. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable products paired with unbeatable customer care.

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