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Modular Sterilization Cases for Medical Equipment

If you work in the medical field, you understand the importance of keeping your surgical tools and implants organized and protected against deterioration and damage. With modular orthopedic sterilization cases, you can ensure that your most vital devices are secure and arranged in an orderly fashion. When you purchase modular surgical instrument organizing systems (SIOS) at Jewel Precision, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of our simple and efficient product design and innovative features.

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Our Modular Surgical Instrument Organizing Systems

We understand the challenges of storing and transporting valuable medical tools safely and efficiently. That’s why we created hybrid organizing and sterilization systems that set the standard for quality and innovation, helping facilities organize and maintain their instruments with ease.

When you purchase modular sterilization cases for your medical equipment, you can ensure that your tools are safeguarded against damage for years to come. Our general surgical instrument trays and cases come with many durable features and built-in design benefits that your organization can rely on.

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– No Developmental Fees

– Off the shelf components

– Short Lead Times (2 weeks or less)

– Mix and match the cases/trays/brackets yourself.

– Premium quality so you can use components for different projects.

Perforated Sterilization Trays From Jewel Precision

Our modular sterilization systems feature various off-the-shelf components ready to ship. You can mix and match cases, brackets and trays to create the ideal solution for your application. Because we have many of these products in inventory, turnaround times are fast.

We use premium-grade materials to produce metal sterilization trays with lids that can hold up to the rigors of long-distance shipping and provide superior protection during sterilization in an autoclave chamber. We utilize strict quality control and testing standards to ensure peak performance. Validation tests have proven that our instrument sterilization trays can last beyond seven years of continuous use, even after repeated autoclaving.

The most significant advantage of a modular SIOS is that it allows you to create a solution using the precise case configuration your application requires. Simply locate the trays using a series of perforated holes to create an ideal layout for autoclaving or shipping. Slots and holes vary in size and location for design flexibility.


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Protection Capabilities

Our modular cases do more than keep your surgical tools contained and organized — they're also designed to enforce optimal protection for your equipment.

Our SIOS cases, brackets and trays are made with durable materials that aid in shielding medical devices against the dangers of shipping and handling. These modular systems are also effective in fending off the harsh impact of sterilization, preventing long-term corrosion. Our innovative modular designs and premium-grade materials optimize autoclave cycle times while helping ensure your medical instruments are clean for future use.

close-up of sterilization container components

Product Versatility

Our standard sterilization instrument cases are available in various sizes, coatings and system designs that you can choose from to accommodate your instrument storage requirements. We have both single- and bi-level container systems available in clear anodized aluminum, white nylon and gray nylon.

All our instrument sterilization trays come with a cover that allows for single-level utilization. You can also convert your trays into bi-level systems by pairing them with an outer case.

Surgical instruments are stored neatly in a case

Innovative Brackets

Our modular orthopedic cases feature nylon-coated brackets with pliable inserts. These SIOS brackets come with special locating pins that allow for simple instrument reconfiguration. All you have to do is generate a layout that works for you and screw the brackets into place, and you’re ready to transport your medical materials wherever you please without the risk of damage. Our brackets ensure ample protection with secure housing features in our sterilization containers.

All of our SIOS bracket inserts are interchangeable, allowing users to switch out silicone inserts for different sizes without requiring a new bracket shell. We have many bracket slot sizes in stock, with single-slot and multiple-slot brackets ranging from 1 millimeter to 9 millimeters in length.

Our multiple-slot brackets are available in various configurations, including:

  • Two slots.
  • Four slots.
  • Six slots.
  • Eight slots.
  • Ten slots.

Marketing Features

When you purchase modular cases and instrument trays at Jewel Precision, we'll customize them to enhance your products' marketability. We have silk-screening capabilities that we can use to print your hospital, surgery center or medical facility's logo on any part of your sterilization case. You can choose to display your graphics on the outer case, mini tray, cover or inner tray for the best visibility.

Doctors perform surgery while sterilization trays sit in the foreground


Jewel Precision makes it simpler than ever to arrange your facility's equipment. You can easily organize your medical tools with our collection of modular case accessories. Our systems are built to promote optimal storage for your instruments while allowing for the fastest possible times for instrument sterilization.

different styles of modular sterilization medical containers

Why Choose Jewel Precision for Modular Surgical Sterilization Trays?

We got our start manufacturing sterilization trays for the medical industry over 35 years ago. As the first company to create these innovative storage products, we are leaders in our field. Our knowledgeable team has dedicated decades of research, prototyping and testing to our mission. We develop custom modular solutions that meet the storage and sterilization needs of organizations across an extensive range of applications.

At Jewel Precision, we hold ourselves to the highest quality and design standards. As an industry leader and one-stop shop for medical cases and sterilization instrument trays, we produce outstanding systems that are unmatched by other companies. We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with each client by providing the individualized attention they deserve, regardless of their application or organizational size.

We set ourselves apart from the competition with these exclusive value-added benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • Low development fees
  • Customization capabilities
  • Excellent customer service
  • Autoclave-compatible products


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Purchase Modular Instrument Sterilization Trays and Cases for Your Medical Equipment

For high-quality surgical instrument organizing systems you can trust, choose Jewel Precision. Our protective cases are your solution to secure and reliable storage and sterilization.

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