Rigid Reusable Sterilization Container System

Rigid Sterilization Containers

Every medical facility official knows the importance of medical equipment storage and maintenance. However, not everyone has the proper container systems needed to keep their surgical instruments organized and protected against harsh environments. With rigid sterilization containers, you can ensure that your tools are adequately stored and secure at all times.

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At Jewel Precision, we design and produce surgical instrument trays and cases that set the standard for resilience and durability. We’ve spent over 35 years manufacturing high-quality medical facility containers that stand out from the competition.

Rigid Containers for Sterilization

When it comes to surgical tool protection and organization, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we created a new line of instrument sterilization containers optimized for sturdiness and dependability. Our rigid sterilization container systems offer a simple, reliable solution to medical instrument management, storage, transportation, and sterility assurance in healthcare facilities.

When you purchase our rigid instrument cases and trays, you’ll experience all the benefits of its durable composition and sustainable features.

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We designed our rigid containers for sterilization in response to the green initiatives that are rising in prominence among health care facilities. These groups have begun searching for new ways to eliminate the use of sterile blue wrap in operating rooms to reduce waste. Our aluminum container systems answer this call by offering a reusable, eco-friendly alternative.

Rigid container systems from Jewel Precision satisfy the growing demands of the health care industry by offering a reusable solution featuring high-quality cassettes for easy integration. Our surgical instrument trays feature many unique benefits that you can’t get with blue sterilization wrap:

  • Longevity: Sterile blue wrap doesn’t last for more than one use at a time, while our sterilization system products can sustain many years of continuous use without requiring a replacement.
  • Cost-efficiency: Though sterile blue wrap is generally less expensive, it is a single-use product that requires users to pay frequent replacement costs. Our rigid containers are reusable, providing facilities with many years of savings that far outweigh the initial product price.
  • Waste reduction: Because our sterilization cases are reusable, they significantly reduce waste. On the other hand, blue wrap accounts for 19% of operating room waste and 5% of all hospital waste.
  • Better transportation: Sterile blue wrap often punctures and rips during transportation and handling, compromising equipment sterilization. Our rigid containers are made with sturdy materials that allow for safe, efficient instrument transfer and storage.
  • Brand recognition: We can enhance visibility for your brand by printing logos, text and graphics onto your aluminum containers. Sterile blue wrap does not offer this option.

Sterilization Capabilities

Sterilization is necessary for maintaining equipment cleanliness — but this process can be hard on your cases and trays, causing gradual surface deterioration. That’s why we designed our rigid containers to endure the harsh conditions of instrument sterilization without corroding.

When you use our rigid surgical trays, you can enjoy all the benefits of sterilization without the risk of deterioration or damage.

We conducted bench testing to confirm that our sterilization trays met all pulsed pre-vacuum sterilization and moisture gaining requirements. To verify the quality and performance of our reusable sterilization cases, we fully loaded our test container with surgical instruments before putting it under 270-degree autoclave steam for four minutes. These tests proved that we met the criteria in question, providing a high-quality solution for medical sterilization.

Innovative Design Features

When you purchase our medical instrument trays, you’ll experience many advanced design features that you can’t find anywhere else:

  • Case materials: Our sterile container cases for surgical instruments comprise lightweight, heavy-gauge aluminum, complete with stackable feet for easy storage.
  • Lid design: We created our container lids with durability and easy maintenance in mind. These lids feature alignment posts that promote proper filter placement and make a distinct clicking sound when the lid is properly secured.
  • Perforated tray: Our trays are available in anodized aluminum and our exclusive nylon-coating finish to ensure long-lasting continuous use.
  • Blue sterilization filter discs: Our specialized discs help facilities cut down on the costs associated with medical waste disposal.
  • Custom container colors: When you purchase our rigid container systems, you can choose from our custom color options, such as blue, green, purple and gold.
  • Secure locking: Our containers have tight locks to ensure sterilization integrity and prevent accidental release.
  • Data card slot: These cases come with a space for your data cards, which you can use to track your inventory and note upcoming expiration dates.

Why Choose Jewel Precision for Surgical Instrument Trays?

We’ve been an industry leader in sterilization tray manufacturing since our establishment in 1984.

When you choose Jewel Precision as your sterilization container manufacturer, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality products and customer benefits, including:

  • Autoclave-compatible products.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Fast lead times.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Customization capabilities.
  • Low development fees.


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If you’re looking to sterilize your medical equipment safely and efficiently, consider purchasing autoclavable rigid containers from Jewel Precision. We’re committed to helping our customers protect and transport their most valuable instruments with ease.

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