Sterilization Cases for Medical Instruments


Those who work in medical facilities are surrounded by many valuable tools that are necessary for surgical operations. Every hospital or surgery center worker knows the importance of keeping these tools sterilized and protected to maintain instrument integrity. With sterilization cases for surgical instruments, you can ensure that your most crucial equipment is organized and prepared for sterilization.

At Jewel Precision, we specialize in designing sterilization cases and trays for medical tools and instruments. We’ve been an industry leader in container system manufacturing for over 35 years, and we continue to raise the bar for quality today. Our team is dedicated to creating outstanding products while delivering excellent customer service.

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Sterilization Cases for Medical Tools and Devices

Our company constructs medical instrument cases that offer a simple, efficient solution for safe equipment storage, handling and transportation while protecting against the harsh impact of autoclave sterilization. All our products comprise medical-grade raw materials and finishes manufactured for durability and strength. That includes our exclusive nylon coating, which we designed to endure over seven years of continuous sterilization without signs of deterioration.

When you purchase products from us, you can adequately sterilize and protect your equipment from external forces with ease and efficiency.

Surgical Plates


Your surgical plates are essential for attaching fractured or broken pieces of bone together. It’s crucial that you store and transport these metal plates in a durable container that will protect them against the rigors of shipping and handling. With sterilization cases for surgical plates, you can ensure that your tools remain secure and ready for autoclave steaming.

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Medical Screws


Though there are many types of surgical screws, all of them share a common purpose — mending bone injuries through compression distribution, holding bones in place and helping them heal faster. These objects are often made of medical-grade materials, such as stainless steel and titanium, that must be kept in a suitable environment.

Sterilization cases for medical screws are great for securely holding these small instruments in place and offering a convenient means of autoclave sterilization.

Surgical Implants


Implants are medical devices used to repair or replace damaged or missing biological structures. These devices often comprise biomedical materials, such as silicone, titanium and apatite. Some, like pacemakers and cochlear implants, include electronic components. Other implants even deliver drugs into the body.

With so many vital functions, sterilization cases for surgical implants are essential for keeping your instruments protected, secure and sterilized at all times.

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Why Choose Jewel Precision for Surgical Plate Sterilization Cases?Detailed Modules


At Jewel Precision, we’ve held ourselves to the highest quality and design standards since 1984. As the first company to design and build sterilization trays for the medical industry, we are leaders in our field.

We’re dedicated to creating the most innovative protective container systems for our clients while offering excellent customer benefits. Some of the many advantages you’ll experience when purchasing products from us include:

  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Competitive lead times and prices.
  • Customization capabilities.
  • Low development fees.
  • Autoclave-compatible products.


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If you need sterilization cases for your surgical screws and implants, choose Jewel Precision. We use the highest-grade materials on the market while incorporating advanced design features into our container systems.

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