Medical Equipment Storage and Maintenance


Patient care is the top concern for hospitals and other health organizations, but other factors impact your ability to provide effective treatment. Hospitals can provide the best care when they efficiently use their time and money. By instituting effective medical equipment storage and maintenance tactics, health care providers can optimize their facilities for efficiency.

At Jewel Precision, we manufacture medical equipment management systems that help hospitals improve their operations. Continue reading to learn our tips on how to take care of hospital equipment by improving your facility’s medical supply storage and maintenance methods.

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Tips for Improving Medical Equipment Management


Medical equipment management describes tracking and servicing hospital supplies to ensure accurate, adequate inventory. When hospitals take a close count of the medical equipment at their disposal, employees can make faster decisions with a precise idea of their resources. By implementing these tips, hospital management teams can develop the most effective health care facilities:

  • Document and evaluate inventory: Hospitals should take careful inventory of their supplies to calculate the exact quantities available for specific tools. Your staff will know what they have and when they need to restock. It’s also helpful to evaluate each tool to document its purpose, rules for clinical application, estimated lifespan, and compatible equipment. Consider performing safety testing, too.
  • Organize supplies: Busy hospitals can become disorganized fast. With a thoughtful medical supply storage solution in place, your team will know where they can find every tool they need.
  • Protect equipment: Storing supplies in a safe location helps each piece of equipment last its entire intended lifespan. Protective containers are a great way to combine organization with security.
  • Establish a cleaning routine: Disinfection is a necessary process that prevents the spread of disease and infection while also protecting equipment from corrosion. A well-structured cleaning schedule and strategy will ensure the longevity of all hospital supplies.
  • Perform regular maintenance: Similar to cleaning, regular preventive maintenance for medical equipment will ensure that all supplies function as needed for the most prolonged duration possible. Hospital departments should develop clear medical equipment maintenance instructions and delegate responsibilities accordingly.


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Improve Medical Equipment Management With Sterilization Cases From Jewel Precision


One of the best ways for hospitals to enhance their equipment management strategies is to invest in rugged, sustainable storage solutions. Jewel Precision manufactures sterilization cases that protect medical equipment during storage, connect with autoclaves for efficient cleaning and facilitate well-organized supply rooms. With sterilization containers from Jewel Precision, hospitals will benefit from:


  • Longevity: We design our sterilization cases with the finest materials to sustain years of use.
  • Protection: Jewel Precision cases feature protective corner bumpers and other components that secure medical supplies during storage, transit and sanitization.
  • Cost-efficiency: You’ll receive a reliable product that works for years without replacement, delivering a lasting value that outweighs your purchase’s initial cost.


Jewel Precision manufactures multiple sterilization case varieties, so you can browse our products to find the right option for your facility. Check out our custom sterilization containers to see how they can help improve organization as well!

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