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Plastic is an increasingly popular material in many industries, including the medical field. Plastic has many uses, including plastic sterilization cases for medical tools and supplies. Aluminum is another popular material in the medical field, and the two have some key differences in weight, cost, durability and more.

Jewel Precision is an industry leader in metal cases. We have tested and worked with plastic and aluminum to understand which one would do best with medical tools and devices. Learn more bout the difference between these two materials and why Jewel Precision relies on aluminum for our sterilization cases.

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Aluminum vs. Plastic Cases


Aluminum and plastic have many similarities. These categories demonstrate how aluminum and plastic are alike as well as the areas that they differ.



Metals are typically more durable than plastics. They can withstand higher temperatures without bending or changing form. Aluminum is exceptionally durable considering how light it is, and this sets it apart from plastic.



Aluminum is a strong material for its weight and density. It can withstand daily wear and tear with ease. Plastic becomes stronger when you combine it with glass or steel to create a compound substance, but this compound is still not quite as strong as aluminum.

Out of the two materials, aluminum is more robust naturally, as plastic requires additives to withstand harsh conditions.

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Aluminum is found in products such as aircraft because it is so light. Plastic is even lighter than aluminum, so in situations where weight is important, plastic is a great choice. For handheld parts like our sterilization cases, weight is not as much of a factor, and aluminum works well since it is a light metal.



Both aluminum and plastic are malleable. The main difference between the two is their rigidity. Plastic can be molded into complex shapes easily, as the material has a lower melting point than aluminum. Since aluminum is more durable overall, it is a better choice if you want a product that will last for a long time.



In terms of raw material, plastic is cheaper than aluminum to buy. Aluminum has to be extracted from the earth and modified to form alloys, whereas plastic can be created in a lab or production facility. Compared to other metals, aluminum is significantly less expensive.

Overall, since plastic is less durable than aluminum, you may have to purchase replacements more frequently, increasing the overall cost.

Water Resistance


Aluminum is incapable of rust due to its chemical makeup. Plastic can withstand weather effects and water exposure with ease. The two are similar in how they stand up to water exposure.

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Aluminum Medical Cases From Jewel PrecisionA range of product sizes, coatings, and system designs


Overall, aluminum and plastic have a lot of similar qualities. They are both lightweight, malleable and water-resistant. However, the most significant difference between the two is their durability. Aluminum is significantly more durable than plastic, and when you are working with delicate medical tools, you need a case that will last for years.

Aluminum cases are:


Jewel Precision provides quality aluminum sterilization cases to businesses of all sizes.

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Jewel Precision is a trusted, ISO 13485:2016-certified organization that develops and designs medical tool sterilization cases. We produce high-quality medical cases so you can maximize performance and improve your workflow. We are happy to be a one-stop shop for medical tools and instrument case supplies.

Our cases are ideal for storage, transportation and sterilization. When you work with us, you get:

  • Tailored customer service.
  • Low development fees and costs.
  • Autoclave-compatible products.
  • Competitive pricing and lead times.


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We understand how crucial it is to have effective products. That’s why we only use the highest-grade materials in our products and offer them at an economical price. We are happy to provide quality services and products to help you keep your operation on track.

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